Creating an omni-channel experience for Redman – one of Singapore’s favourite baking brands


Phoon Huat




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In Singapore, the Phoon Huat brand has always been synonymous with baking. Since 1947, Phoon Huat has built its business on provenance – sourcing the best ingredients from around the world. Today, they are the go-to provider of baking goods throughout the country. 

Chemistry Team has enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with Phoon Huat. This relationship began in 2011 with the reimagination of their retail brand, Redman. In 2017, Phoon Huat was ready to take the Redman brand to the next level. We were tasked with the design of their new flagship store at StarVista Mall. This transformative project would not only put Redman as the master-brand for the business, but also introduce a completely new e-commerce and membership platform to connect with today’s digital consumer.

What We Did

Our team followed a human-centric design approach to understand the vast spectrum of shoppers that visit Redman. We took into account their needs as shoppers, their motivations as bakers, and their expectations as customers.

Subsequently, we designed an integrated online platform that worked in tandem with the physical space. This was in order to create an omni-channel customer experience that integrates with different customer’s shopping styles. Furthermore, it works to encourage learning and discovery for new customers curious about baking.

Beyond the brand new look and feel of the flagship store, we also introduced The Kitchen Pod. This key new element is based on an open-kitchen exhibition space that invites customers to get hands-on and discover new ideas for baking.


The new Redman flagship store is an absolute baking wonderland. Our efforts were responsible for the complete transformation of Phoon Huat’s retail experience. Supported by the new spatial and digital elements, this positioned the Redman brand as a champion of customer experience.

In addition, the comprehensive makeover of Redman’s digital presence enabled an engaging and sophisticated online experience. It not only repositioned the brand as a viable player in the online space, but revolutionised the way Phoon Huat serves and connects with their customers.

“Since we opened the new store, our customers have been discovering products they never realised we had!” 

Tjen Chew Lee (CFO)


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