In the world of BossUP! you are the new Innovation team for a hierarchical cooperation. Your job is to get your organisation innovation-ready. Whoever has the best, highest funded idea wins the game and becomes CEO. BossUP! is a tool for design and creativity. A fun team building game to challenge mindsets and boost creativity.

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Why BossUP!?

We wanted to apply game play elements to organisations and how they innovate. BossUP! is a tool for design, innovation and creativity – to encourage continuous engagement via co-creative scenario building between teams of people.

Where did the Idea for BossUP! come from?

We started out by talking to our clients to learn about their internal innovation processes. From here, we distilled the common challenges all our clients faced, and used them to prototype the Challenge cards for BossUP!. Using contemporary trends in society, culture, technology, management consulting methods, and best practices, we created our Trigger cards. Together, these cards personified the wider organisational challenges that all our clients faced. We added a ruleset for risks and rewards, play-tested the game with hundreds of players in Asia and Europe, and BossUP! was born!

Team playing BossUP as design tool during Singapore Design Week

How Do You Play It?

Innovators (players) must solve Challenge cards – challenges that their organisation are facing – by playing Trigger cards and pitching their idea to the rest of the team. The Innovation Director selects the winner after hearing all other teammates’ pitches. Once a Trigger is selected, each player rates the idea by pledging funding for the project. The position of the Innovation Director moves onto the next person, and after one full round, the person with the the highest funded project wins – BossUP!

Let’s Work Together

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